Financial Consideration
How To Find And Buy The Perfect Horse
Once you have committed to make the financial expenditure to buy a horse, you need to find the right and horse and negotiate a good price.  The horse industry is not regulated like the real estate industry,  You need to be careful and mindful of certain facts when you decide to buy.
Are Your Expenses Deductible?
The law changes, so check with your own financial advisor about the latest changes that may apply to horse expenses.  This is a great article that will start you thinking about the tax consequences of your hose expenses.
What's This Going To Cost?

One of the more frequent questions I get from parents is how to go about deciding whether to buy a horse for their child, and if so, how to go about it, when you, as the parent don’t know much more than your child. This article is an excerpt from my radio show dealing with all the issues you need to know.