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Horse And Rider Club- What We Do

122967602456958.jpeg Horse And Rider Club is dedicated to teaching children and their parents how to get involved in the horse business the RIGHT WAY!  Avoid physical injuries and avoid unnecessary financial losses.  Learn from the many mistakes of others!  Join us!

Horse And Rider Club - Who We Are

122971055933714.jpegHorse And Rider Club was conceived and implemented by Lisa Blackstone in an effort to give something back to the sport that so enriched her life as a child.  She grew up in the Arabian horse industry and as a rider earned several national championship titles and top ten awards.

Lisa garnered the support of her fellow horsemen and professional trainers to produce quality video instruction for the novice rider.  With the ongoing support of her many colleagues, their collective wisdom is propelling this site into the largest online video tutorial available in the horse industry.

She is a practicing attorney in the Atlanta area, and a founding member of the Equine Section of the Georgia Bar.  She sits on the Board of the USA Equestrian Trust and is an active member of the United States Equestrian Federation.  She hosts The Horse and Rider Radio Show in Atlanta and speaks regularly to youth groups and parent organizations about children and horses.  She maintains her horse show judging license and continues to judge shows nationally and internationally.

Horse And Rider Club is her passion and she dedicates much of her time developing the site, adding videos, games and other content helpful to the newcomer.  Horse And Rider Club is a unique site, focused on an audience of children.  There are many good sites with great content about the horse and rider , but very few devoted to kids.  You will also find many sites with great products for sale for the horse and rider , but they don't offer much advice!  For the horse sites that offer educational content, it is all with the use of horse and rider books.  We focus on using VIDEO instruction, an under utilized tool that greatly increases a child's absorption of the content.

Please join us and see how quickly your child learns about horses, horsemanship and the love of the sport.  If you have any questions, please send us an email!