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What To Do When There Is An Accident
If an accident does occur, notwithstanding all the safety measures taken, what should you do?  This article covers a virtual step-by-step analysis of how to handle a situation when someone else is injured by your horse.
Insurance And The Horseman
There are several insurance issues you should be familiar with.  This article deals with why you may need liability insurance coverage for protection if your horse injures someone.  This is not a subject to be ignored!
When Are You Liable For Injuries Caused By Your Horse
When are you as a rider responsible for injuries when your horse does something that injures a person?  This is a big subject and something to be aware of.  The law treats amateur riders differently from professional horsemen. 
Equine Activity Statutes
Some states have enacted Equine Activity Statutes that govern liability issues surrounding an inherently risky sport...riding!  They seek to protect the barn owner, but are drafted differently and enforced inconsistently.  If you are a barn owner, read on for some very helpful more information.
Whose Fault Was It?
Who is at fault when someone gets injured riding?  It depends!  This article contains valuable information that may help you think though some issues and avoid some dangerous situations.
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